From day one Kisumu Specialists Hospital has been committed to bringing the people of the lake basin region advanced medicare technologies and expertise. As a doctor-owned hospital, our physicians advocate for the equipment and procedures that generate better results.

Emergency Services

Staffed 24 / 7 by experienced staff our hospital can handle all but the most serious, life-threatening situations.

Diagnostic Imaging

We offer full range of diagnostic imaging techniques including: MRI, CT-Scan, X-Ray and flouroscopy

Medical Specialists

Our specialist physicians can help you with preventative care and treatment of a variety of conditions

Surgical Services

A hospital designed for surgery by surgeons to be efficient, patient-friendly and deliver better outcomes.


Our services

Kisumu Specialists Hospital offers a wide range of clinical care specialties and treatments.
  • In-Patient
  • Out-Patient
  • Maternity
  • Radiology
  • Theatre
  • Physiotherapy
  • Day Surgery
  • Endoscopy
  • Colonoscopy
  • Cafeteria
  • Pharmacy
  • Doctor’s Plaza

Why choose us

KSH is a 50-bed hospital providing comprehensive specialty medical care to the lake basin regions. We offer emergency, inpatient, and outpatient medical services.

Our mission is to offer world-class care and services to our patients, our communities, and one another. We aim to be your health partner for life.

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1. Speciality care

KSH specialists are doctors with many years of experience in their particular field of medicine. If your symptoms are specific to a part of the body or type of illness, you may be best treated by a doctor who specializes in that area. A specialist is usually able to perform more detailed tests and administer more direct treatments than a general physician. In addition to this expertise, Kisumu Specialist Hospital has some of the best equipment and staff to treat your particular ailment.

2. Locally owned and managed

Kisumu Specialists Hospital is owned and operated by doctors who live and work in the lake basin region. These doctors are your neighbours and friends -and they are highly responsive to the healthcare needs of the community we all share. Every one of our doctors has a personal interest in improving the daily operations of Kisumu Specialists Hospital, from fast scheduling to the latest equipment to trouble-free patient recoveries.

3. State of the art techniques and equipment

Kisumu Specialist Hospital doctors includes medical practitioners who are also active faculty in the leading medical schools within the lake basin region – who keep abreast with the leading medical techniques and healthcare practices.

The hospital has also invested heavily on the newer generation equipment such as the digitalised X-ray machine, CT scan, biochemistry analyser, baby resuscitaires, and modern delivery beds.

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Community Outreach

Our CSR success stories

Heartwarming and life-changing wellness camps

Kisumu Specialists Hospital supports the lake basin community by organising free wellness camps. We also encourage our doctors, nurses and staff to engage in community-building efforts.

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Accepted Covers

The covers provided are for inpatient, outpatient or both depending on the provider. Please confirm with your particular provider.